Color: The coloration of rats may vary and could be brown, black, grey, or white.

Size: From 30 cm to 50 cm long

Description: Rats are rodents that have coarse fur, big ears that stick out, and a long tail. They are usually small in size and can be found in different habitats such as urban, suburban, and rural areas. Rats can cause damage to property and can pose health risks to humans by carrying diseases, contaminating food and causing allergies. They can also reproduce quickly and create colonies, so it’s essential to take measures to control their population.


Woodrat Total FAQ

Woodrat Control Total FAQ What is a woodrat? A woodrat, also known as a packrat or trade rat, is a type of rodent that is

Norway Rats

Norway Rat Total FAQ

Norway Rat Controle Total FAQ How to get rid of Norway rat? There are several effective ways to get rid of Norway rats. The first