Color: Fleas typically present a brownish-black coloration. However, after feeding, they may change to a reddish hue.

Size: Measure about 1.5 mm in length, depending on species

Description: Fleas are teeny-tiny insects that like to live on animals such as dogs and cats. They can also infest homes if there are pets present. Fleas survive by sucking blood from their hosts, so they can cause irritation and discomfort for both animals and humans. They can multiply quickly and are known for jumping from one host to another, making them difficult to get rid of. It’s important to regularly treat pets for fleas and thoroughly clean living spaces to prevent infestation.


Fleas Control Total FAQ

Fleas Control Total FAQ How to control fleas? To control fleas, it is important to take a multi-step approach. Start by thoroughly cleaning your home,