Color:Crickets colour is ranging from pale, light yellow or tan, to darker shades of brown or black.

Size: From 12 mm to 25 mm long

Description: Crickets are insects that have big legs at the back and long, thin antennas that can be longer than their bodies. Females have a long tube on the end of their stomachs for laying eggs.


Crickets Total FAQ

Crickets Control Total FAQ What do crickets eat? Crickets are omnivores and eat a variety of things including plants, fruits, vegetables, and even other insects.

mormon crickets

 Mormon Crickets

Table of Contents Mormon crickets, despite their name, are not true crickets, but a type of large insect that belongs to the family of katydids.

Camel Cricket FAQ

Camel crickets Total FAQ

Camel Crickets Total FAQ Are camel crickets dangerous? Camel crickets are not considered dangerous to humans, pets, or property. They are nuisance pests that can

Spider Crickets

Spider Crickets Total FAQ

Spider Crickets Total FAQ How to get rid of spider crickets? Spider crickets can be eliminated using various methods such as glue traps, insecticides, and